Sunday, June 17, 2007

She Started As A Fairy But Now She's A..........

I know I haven't updated much but it's that time of year when things I can't do during the winter have to be done now. I've also been enjoying the weather. It's summer in New York City and plenty to do outside the house. I had the pleasure of attending a craft swap this weekend; a first for me. My monthly doll club meeting was cancelled so I decided to attend this function. The rules of the swap was to bring a bag of craft items to swap and you pay an entry fee of $5.00 or if you have nothing to swap you pay $20.00. You are then given an empty bag and you go around the tables collecting items you want. There was everything from the different crafts. So whatever your craft is you would possibly find it there. I think it was a great idea. The money collected at the door is donated to one of the local charities. It was fun, and I'd definitely do it again. I went home with some very nice items and fabrics for my dolls.

As you may have read in my earlier posts; I was beginning to make a fairy which was a project for the doll club I belong to. For some reason this doll did not want to be a fairy. No matter what I did she refused to be a fairy. I put her aside and worked on another project for the doll club in the meantime. I'll show you that one at another time. I kept going back to this "fairy" but she insisted this was not what she is so I let her tell me. Next thing I know I'm picking out this yarn she wanted for hair and the fabric for her outfit. I had no idea what I was doing at this point but I let it flow and just when I thought I was done.....She wanted a walking stick. So there I was in the backyard looking for a small tree branch I can make into a walking stick. Well here she is all done but I have no idea what to call her. I don't even know what she is for that matter. I think she may be from another world. She looks like one of the Alien races from one of the Sci-Fi movies. I like how she turned out even though she gave me a hard time. I would love to hear any names you may come up with. It would be interesting to hear what they would be. Who Knows? If I really like the name, there may be a little treat for you. Well, on to my next project which will be to make my fairy. I found a nice simple wing tutorial I really would like to try. I hope this fairy doesn't give me any trouble. I will also be starting another project for one of my co-workers whose daughter is getting married. I've already chosen and cut out the pattern for that one. I'll post more about that at a later date. In the meantime.........I need names!!!!