Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bummer! The Auction Is Cancelled

I received an e-mail today stating the auction was cancelled. I had a feeling something wasn't right all week. I noticed I hadn't seen my co-worker in charge of this function since the latter part of last week. I was then approached by another co-worker who was making handbags asking about her also. Well, it must have gotten back to her because we all received an e-mail this morning stating she had to cancel because of personal reasons and had to take some time off. She hasn't decided whether she will try to do it at a later date, or postpone until next year. She'll let us know what she decides. Well, life happens so what can you do? and I was so curious as to how much they would have gone for too. But on a brighter note, I get to keep my girls with me a little longer....yeaaaah!!! I was a little anxed about letting them go I do get a little attached to them after putting so much into them. Since that is now on the back burner I will have to decide what my next project will be so I can share it with you all. Decisions, decisions......what will it be? what will it be?

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hibiscus Is Dressed And Ready To Go

Today I completed Hibiscus which means I have accomplished my goal of king two dolls for the upcoming auction. As you see in her photo I chose a reddish brown yarn to use for her hair. I thought the contrast would be better than using just plain black or brown. I've decided to add a basket with flowers since she is suppose to be a street merchant. I also made her a little sitting stool for when she's working trying to sell her flowers. It was made from an oatmeal box which I covered with batting. I then covered it with fabric and added a cushion on top. You can see it in her sideview photo. It's been fun making these two ladies and I hope
they do well at the auction. As I said when making AfriCoco, I will keep you posted about the auction which is next Friday. I will take photos of whoever the highest bidder with their doll at the end of the auction. Well that's all for

now. I'll have to start thinking about what my next project will be!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

She's Almost Done

I had some time to work on Hibiscus today. I have her stuffed and all put together. She is a more "hefty" doll than AfriCoco, designed as a Caribbean market vendor. Here's what she looks like now. The fabric I chose is colorful as well as her accessories to reflect the flambouyant colors of the Caribbean. Her sandals were made from felt with a layer of buckram in between to make them a little stiffer than the felt. Embroidered trimming is used as the straps. Her jewelry is actual costume jewelry bought from a discount store. Her dress will be a kaftan made from the fabric in the photo as well as her headwrap. I will be making her clothes and deciding on her hair tomorrow. I will also have to make her seat; but that's another story. I will give the details on how I will make that when I come back. See you then!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hibiscus Has A Face

I hope everyone enjoyed Valentine's Day. It was a very nasty day here in New York City. We were hit by a blizzard and I'm sure it ruined a lot of plans made by some. But for most, I'm sure it made no difference. We're used to this type of weather this time of year. Well anyway, I've been working on my second doll for the auction. She is coming along fine. I'm in the process of stuffing her body to be put together. In the meantime, her head is done and her face is ready. I like to doing the face first. It gives me an idea of her personality which makes her clothes and accessory selection easier. Sometimes I have an idea of what I want my doll to look like in the end only to change the whole thing once I finish the face. I have selected the fabric and accessories already but I am having a dilemma about her hair. I'm not sure of what style she will have or the color. I think I'll wait until I have her body all put together before I decide; that way I can play around with different things before making the final decision. Here's a glimpse of what she will look like. Of course there will be finishing touches before she's done and did I mention she will be a sitting doll? That means I will also have to make her something to sit on. Hmmmmm.......I wonder what I'll come up with? I'll have to give that some thought. Will it be a chair or a stool? What materials will I use? I guess you'll have to come back and see. Well, I have to go put some ice melter down on my front steps. Be back soon!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Second Doll Pattern Decided

I've decided what pattern to use for the second doll. It is called Hibiscus. It was designed by Jeannie Rigby. This doll has more of a Caribbean flare. I have cut out the pattern and have the pieces sewn together. I won't bore you with photos of the pattern layout. I think you get the idea from the first doll. Now I will have to trim the pieces and turn them inside out. The first photos will be once I have her all stuffed and the pieces pinned in place to give you an idea of what she will look like. The fabric choice will be made from the selection shown to you in the earlier photos. I promise I won't go and buy a new piece of fabric this time!. So, I'm going to call it a tomorrow.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

AfriCoco is Dressed & Off To Market

AfriCoco is finally complete. I spent most of the day finishing her off. I was having a hard time finding a basket for her, so I end up making one. I used a plastic container you would get from a take-out restaurant and cut it down to a 2" height. I crumpled some brown paper to get the wrinkles then decoupaged it to the inside. On the outside, I hot glued some rope around the entire container for the straw effect and then watered down some brown paint to give it more color. The rope was a little to light for how I wanted it to look. Do you love the fabric?? I said I would keep it a surprise. When I saw it in the store I knew immediately this would look great on her. I'm hoping she does well at the auction. Her story doesn't end here. I will continue her saga at the auction to let you know how she does. If you want to see more pictures of her, go to my picturetrail link listed in the sidebar under my favorite links. In the meantime I will start on the second doll. I haven't decided on the second pattern yet. I would love to do the Ethiopian Queen, but she's a bit involved and I don't think I will finish her in time. She will be a future project though. I will have to decide by tomorrow in order to have her ready in time. I will let you know then what I've decided.

Friday, February 9, 2007

She's Coming Together

AfriCoco is coming along nicely. I've haven't done much with her the past couple of days. I had a dentist appointment the other day and needless to say I was a little out of it. But I'm back now and have began the finishing touches. Her head is attached now, so her body is complete. I have made her accessories from beads and shells. Her earrings were made from parts of some old jewelry of mine I wasn't using anymore. Her sandels are also finished. They were made from a product called model magic which is made by Crayola. It's an air drying modeling clay which doesn't dry as hard as paper clay. I thought it was perfect for her shoes. It is also paintable, so I painted them brown and added a sole by hot glueing a piece of leather to the bottom. I also hot glued a string to the shoes that will be wrapped around her ankles and tied.

Well, tomorrow's another day and the plan is to have her completed. I'm going to try my best so I want to get an early start. If I accomplish that, then I will possible have time to start on another for the auction. Remember.....the goal was to do at least two dolls for the auction. If I finish AfriCoco by tomorrow..... I think I just may be able to pull it off. We'll see!!!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

She Has An Identity!

Today I spent all the free time I had working on AfriCoco's face paint. I used several colored pencils for shading and blending. I used a mustard yellow, peach and 2 shades of brown. I think she's come along nicely. Of course once she's all put together, dressed and adorned I will have to do a little touch up work; but here she is.
Tomorrow I will have her head attached to her body and will start on her outfit. I think I'll start with her shoes or maybe her dress! or her jewelry!....decisions, decisions. Oh, I don't know......... I guess we'll just have to see what happens.

Monday, February 5, 2007

She's coming to Life (cont'd)

I was able to get some more work done on AfriCoco's face this evening. She was all prepped and ready for painting. Here's what was done with her so far.

Here her eyes and mouth are prepped with gesso which I sanded lightly to accept the paint I will use. I find using gesso for the painted areas leaves a nicer and smoother finish than trying to do it directly on the cloth. It also allows very little use of paint to get a nice result. I do this for the larger areas such as the eyes and mouth. I use the gel pens and color pencils for the detailed work. Next, I painted the eyeball area with and antique white paint. It gives a more natural look. Who's eyes are actually stark white? Once that dried I painted in the iris and the mouth in a medium brown. I will let it dry overnight before I continue with the details. So this is what she looks like now. She's looking a little surprised don't you think? While she's drying for the next stage, I started picking out the accessories and fabric. Oh yeah! I almost forgot I did buy another piece of fabric I think she will look nice in but I'm going to keep that a surprise. I think you all are going to like it! I thought it was perfect when I saw it. Well, that's all for today folks. I can't spend as much time on her as I would like. I have to prepare for work tomorrow...Bummer! Be back soon

Sunday, February 4, 2007

She's Starting To Come To Life

I got a chance to work more on AfriCoco today. She's all stuffed and put together. Her legs are attached and sewn. I still have some sewing to do on her arms. For now her arms are pinned in place just to make sure the positioning is right. Her head is still in the works. It gave me a little trouble at first. It didn't want to shape the way I wanted it to. Eventually it came together and I was able to finish the sculpting today as planned. I have the features slightly outlined for the next step. Now I will be preparing her head for the finishing touches. So, before turning in for the evening, I will seal her face and let it dry overnight. The sealing will keep the inks and/or pencils from bleeding through once I start to fill in her features to bring her face to life. Right now this is how she looks.
Well, I'm going to call it a night. I have to be up bright and early tomorrow for work. If I have some time once I get home. I will probably have her totally put together and her face done. You will just have to come back and see now don't you???

Saturday, February 3, 2007

AfriCoco All Sewn Up

I didn't get as much done with my doll project today as I would have liked to. The day started off pretty hectic with life's hustle and bustle. Eventually things slowed down and I was able to at least get the pattern all sewn and the pieces turned to the right side. So now I have all my doll pieces ready to be stuffed.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a lot more calm than it was today and I can get farther along with her. I hope to have her all stuffed and put together. Maybe I'll even get to needle sculpt her face so I can have an idea of what she'll look like! hmmmm....I wonder if I'll have enough time?? I guess you'll have to come back and see!