Saturday, July 28, 2007

Here Comes The Bride

As you may recall I've been mentioning a project I had going on which was a bride doll for the daughter of one of my co-workers. I would have loved to have posted the project in progress but she reads my blog and I didn't want to her to see it before it was done. It was just as much of a surprise to her as it will be for her daughter. I've finally completed her and she is with her new owner now who was pleasantly surprised when I brought it to her. Well here's her story. My co-worker asked me about a month ago if I would mind making a doll for her daughter's bridal shower. She wanted to use it as a centerpiece. I was a little hesitant at first because I have never made a doll specifically for someone who was willing to pay for it. There was plenty of time to have it completed so I told her I would. My first decision was what pattern would I use. What I end up doing is combining 2 patterns. The top half was from the pattern AfriCoco designed by Michelle Munzone and the bottom half was from Judi ward's pattern Serena. The breast of the AfriCoco were more developed than in the Serena pattern which is what I needed for the dress I was making. My co-worker actually sent me a photo of the dress her daughter had picked out for herself. I told her I would make it as close to it as possible for her. I then chose her hair which was dark with some texture because it was the description she gave me of her daughter's hair. I prepared her hair by rolling it up with some setting lotion to give it a little body for when it's ready to be styled. As I waited for her hair to set, I began working on her dress. I had an idea of what it would look like by the photo my co-worker sent me so I had to figure out how I would do it. I started with the under skirt which was made of a stiff netting to give the dress some "poof". I finished the bottom edge of the slip with lace, gathered the top edge and attached it to the doll's waist. The dress and train are made with off white satin with a semi-sheer overlay on the bodice. I used pearls to simulate buttons for the back of the bodice. Once the dress was completed I began making the the jewelry. My co-worker said her daughter would be wearing pearls so I made a pearl necklace, bracelet and earrings. I even went as far as making her a diamond ring. This girl is definitely blinging with her ring. She also has a french manicure but it doesn't show up well in the photo. Next was the

bouquet. I asked my co-worker what the
color scheme was for the event because I would want to do the flowers using those colors. She told me the brides maid gowns were iridescent fuchsia and burnt orange. Now to be honest, I couldn't actually picture those two colors together. It was a new combination for me but I kept an open mind. I purchased some fake flowers, the primary color being fuchsia and the secondary color being burn orange with some green leaves on them. Once I put them together to form the bouquet, it actually looked great! So now all that was left was the head piece. I had a little problem with this part because no matter what I did it just didn't look right. I tried a flower crown that goes around the head and I also tried one that fits on the head like a headband. I didn't like either. So I stepped back from the project for a couple of days until I could figure out how I was going to do this headpiece. Well, one day on the bus on my way from work the bus stops in front of this party store which has always been there. But for some reason this day I was looking at the store display through the bus window and what do I see? a doll about the same size as the one I'm making wearing a tiara. I didn't think I could find one in time if I had to order it so needless to say, I was pleased. I only had a week left to hand over the doll. I got off the bus and went into the store to purchase this cute little tiara. When I got it home it was a perfect fit. Now all I had to do is make the veil. The veil would be be short and plain so that was pretty easy. I finally completed her and was very pleased with the results. I brought her in to work to show my co-worker and she was floored. She loved it so much she had tears in her eyes and gave me the biggest hug. I was a little taken aback by the response. I wasn't expecting that. She showed everybody on her floor. The response was overwhelming. Well that's the story of my bride. I had fun making her and will definitely have to make another one. I have an idea for a dress that came to me while making this one, but that's another project. It may not be my next project but it will be in the near future. Here's the bride in full view.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

She Started As A Fairy.....cont'd

Hi Everyone! This post is a continuation from my last update. As you may recall I was having a little delimma with a doll who was suppose to be a fairy but refused to accept that role. So, instead of fighting with her I made her into who she wanted to be but found I had no idea what to name her. I asked for help from my readers who responded with some great names and it's funny how most of you almost had the same name or were on the same brain wave length about the name! But the one that stood out the most was from Dorene McNeal who is a member of the online group Black Cloth Dollart. The name she came up with is Sorre're (Sor-ray) The Forest Wanderer; which I thought was perfect. I am pleased and so is Sorre're. Thanks Dorene!
I am also excited about a project I am currently finishing up. It's a gift for friend of mine whose daughter is getting married in September. The gift will be part of her bridal shower. I will be posting photos soon after her finishing touches...So stay tuned. I think you all are going to love it.