Saturday, November 10, 2007


I recently completed a commissioned doll for one of my sister's co-workers. She had showed him my blog and he asked her if I would make a doll for him. His name is Joseph and he is the Concierge for the Ritz Carlton Hotel here in New York City. When I asked my sister what type of doll would he like, she explained it would have to be dramatic because Joseph's personality is a little "extra" therefore the doll would also have to reflect that. I immediately thought of Arley Berryhill's Madame pattern. I looked it up on the net and showed it to my sister and she agreed it would be perfect. The photo on the right is her without her coat. I used a bronze fabric with matching trim to make her dress. I love the way Arley designed this doll. She has a fabulous pose. The coat she wears is also great and goes very well with this doll and was not difficult to make; which is always a plus. The design in the coat doesn't show very well in the front view photo, but it has a black background with silver, bronze and gold glitter lines that swirl throughout the fabric. You can see it better in the rear view photo. My sister gave Joseph progress reports as I worked on the doll. She told me he was very excited and couldn't wait to see it. She took the doll to work with her when I finished it and even though it was his day off, Joseph came in to pick up Madame. My sister said when he saw her he gasped and said I love her! She also said everyone at the job loved it and said it was the perfect doll for him, but it doesn't end there. My sister said an hour after he took Madame home, he called her and said "I can't stop looking at her" Joseph has already commissioned me for another doll. You can't get more of a compliment than that and I think Madame is ready for her close-up!