Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays

Since this will be my last post for the year, I wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year. It's been a busy time for everyone including myself. This is the busiest time at work for me. I work for UPS so you can imagine what it's been like.

I did get to finish 2 small dolls I was working on before the holiday rush. The first one is called The Bearer of Gifts. It was made from a free pattern from Sherry Goshon called the stash doll. I like the shape so decided to make it as a holiday doll. Her base is made of faux velvet. I added gold beading after sewing a grid in the velvet. Her vest is made of cashmere I found in my stash. Her wrapped gifts are parts from Christmas ornaments I have. I glued the stack together and attached the stack between her hands with glue. She can be used as a Christmas ornament along with your other decorations on a shelf, mantle or a fireplace hearth.

The second doll I completed was for a project with The Needle Knows doll club I belong to. We decided to use the I Challenge You Pattern from Judy Skeel's challenge. I was going to enter it in the challenge but I didn't finish it in time. She turned out to be an Ice Skater. Her entire outfit was made from a large Santa hat found in the discount stores. This particular hat was made from a soft curly fabric with look of lambkin with the fur attached. It doesn't show well in the photo but I thought it would work better than the usual furry Santa hat. Now for her skates. I made them by cutting out the shape of the blades from plastic and painting them silver. I made the bottom plate of the skate with air drying clay and stuck the blade into the clay to mark where the blades will be later glued to form one piece. The feet of the doll was painted white. A silver marker was used to make the string holes. I used white floss to sew through each hole to make laces. The blade plate was then glued to the botton of the boot once it was dried. I think they turned out ok for a first. Well. it's back to the drawing board. A new year means new dolls. So from me and my dollies,

Happy Holidays!


Judi Wellnitz said...

I think they are both smashing! Love the way the skater's coat came out - great idea to use the hat! Happy holidays!

Karen Mallory said...

The dolls are great Venus! I love the ice skates, you did a fabulous job! You you had a great holiday!
hugs Karen

Sandi said...

Hey girl, just got around to viewing blog. I love the girls. As usual you did a great job. Love ya Sandi