Saturday, March 10, 2007

Mystery Craft Box Game

I was invited to play what is called a mystery craft box game. The game consists of about a dozen players all from different parts of the country. The box begins with one of the players filling a box with different crafting items such fabrics, beads, tools, etc. The items are listed in a journal that is shipped in the box along with the address of each player. The person who starts the box maps out a route for the box to ship. As the box reaches each person, they are to list what item they took and what items they replaced them with and ships the box to the next person on the list. Sounds like fun huh?. The mystery is you don't know what's in the box or what will be put in the box by each player. The box continues it's journey until it reaches it's starting point again and that's where it ends. The group I was invited to play with got so big we had to split it into two groups. I volunteered to send box #2. My box was sent off today and is on it's way to California. Why California from New York? This player was the only one on the west coast so I decided to start there. She will be sending to Florida and then the box will be coming almost straight up the east coast. Well, if everyone plays nice this can be a fun game to play with people from all over. I will keep you all posted on the progress of the game. It should be interesting.

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Karen Bennet said...

Hi Venus
I've been checking the group to hear news about the auction, you must be so dissappointed. What a let down. I just love your Hibiscus doll, she is so interesting! Have you thought about auctioning your dolls on the group? They are so beautiful and I'm sure many members would love the opportunity to buy one of your special creations. Please email me if you would consider it.
Regards Karen