Thursday, March 1, 2007

What I've Been Up To

I've completed a new project but I had to get permission to use a design before I began. I belong to a dollmakers group ( and one of our members Tonya Dyce makes these beautiful greeting cards. I was going through her website and couldn't help but think how her designs would make very cute dolls. So at our meeting last week I asked if it would be all right if I used her designs. She said it would be fine so that's what I did and look at how it came out. I think this doll would make a fabulous shelf piece or store display. I think the geometric shapes Tonya uses are what really stands out. The face is very minimal in her designs which doesn't take away from the shapes and color of the fabrics she uses so I applied the same concept in making this doll as you can see in the closeup. I really enjoyed making this doll and you can bet I will be making a few more of these using the the different shapes. Tonya said she has never thought to make a doll from her designs so I hope I did her proud with my interpretation. Well, back to the drawing board. I received a new pattern today and need to read through it to see if I would want it to be my next project.


Sandi said...

Girl, you are too much! I was just going off line when I saw your post. I've done a great job as usual. Sandi

Judi said...

She's just lovely and a great interpretation of Tonya's illustration.

Clothmatters said...

Your doll is wonderful.