Sunday, March 18, 2007


I completed a doll today which is a project for the doll group I belong to. It is a Japanese Kimono doll designed by Elinor Peace Bailey named Yuko-San. This is not a typical pattern for a Kimono doll. The Kimono is the body in this case which I found very interesting. The Kimono collar is a separte piece sewn to the front of the pattern and the Obi was appliqued with a paperbacked fusing. Both steps were done before sewing the front and back together. As you can see in the photo it is all one piece with stitching at the points where the doll will be folded into a sitting postition. The photos show the body before and after it was stuffed. Once stuffed and the head is attached; the doll is folded in a "Z" and tacked at the folds to hold the sitting position. Her arms are brought down in front and hand sewn to her lap. Her feet are sewn to the back. I think the ladies at the club will like the way she turned out.

As you can see, not your typical pattern but it works! It was an interesting doll to make.

Mystery Craft Box Game Update!

The box has reached it's destination in California and has been sent on it's way to Florida. So far, so good!

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Angelcat said...

What a lovely doll. Does you doll group have a webspace?