Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bummer! The Auction Is Cancelled

I received an e-mail today stating the auction was cancelled. I had a feeling something wasn't right all week. I noticed I hadn't seen my co-worker in charge of this function since the latter part of last week. I was then approached by another co-worker who was making handbags asking about her also. Well, it must have gotten back to her because we all received an e-mail this morning stating she had to cancel because of personal reasons and had to take some time off. She hasn't decided whether she will try to do it at a later date, or postpone until next year. She'll let us know what she decides. Well, life happens so what can you do? and I was so curious as to how much they would have gone for too. But on a brighter note, I get to keep my girls with me a little longer....yeaaaah!!! I was a little anxed about letting them go I do get a little attached to them after putting so much into them. Since that is now on the back burner I will have to decide what my next project will be so I can share it with you all. Decisions, decisions......what will it be? what will it be?

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Anonymous said...

oh snap yo! how they gonna do that 2 u yo! i think u should handle ur biness on that one. u put mad time into that joint. she look like those ladies on 125 4 real(like how much 4 that elephant piece right there?..nawh yo that word!u keep doing u ma. matter of fact i'm gonna hit a cup of oatmeal right now for aficocopuffs. keep it truckin ma Born justice