Saturday, February 3, 2007

AfriCoco All Sewn Up

I didn't get as much done with my doll project today as I would have liked to. The day started off pretty hectic with life's hustle and bustle. Eventually things slowed down and I was able to at least get the pattern all sewn and the pieces turned to the right side. So now I have all my doll pieces ready to be stuffed.
Hopefully tomorrow will be a lot more calm than it was today and I can get farther along with her. I hope to have her all stuffed and put together. Maybe I'll even get to needle sculpt her face so I can have an idea of what she'll look like! hmmmm....I wonder if I'll have enough time?? I guess you'll have to come back and see!


Anonymous said...

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You really covered a lot of ground in many areas of doolmaking with your hyperlinks. I only hope I will be on my way to accomplish what you have done when I finish this course I am taking online.

Anonymous said...

Venus, you are so clever. I love your blog, I'm very excited about watching your doll develop. I think you are an inspiration to us all to start our own blogs. Go 'head pioneer! Sandi

JSpringer said...

Venus, I have tried to leave comments, but I do not know if they have gone through.
I will try again. My original statement: I think you are terrific.You are an inspiration.