Sunday, February 4, 2007

She's Starting To Come To Life

I got a chance to work more on AfriCoco today. She's all stuffed and put together. Her legs are attached and sewn. I still have some sewing to do on her arms. For now her arms are pinned in place just to make sure the positioning is right. Her head is still in the works. It gave me a little trouble at first. It didn't want to shape the way I wanted it to. Eventually it came together and I was able to finish the sculpting today as planned. I have the features slightly outlined for the next step. Now I will be preparing her head for the finishing touches. So, before turning in for the evening, I will seal her face and let it dry overnight. The sealing will keep the inks and/or pencils from bleeding through once I start to fill in her features to bring her face to life. Right now this is how she looks.
Well, I'm going to call it a night. I have to be up bright and early tomorrow for work. If I have some time once I get home. I will probably have her totally put together and her face done. You will just have to come back and see now don't you???


Judi W. said...

She's looking good!

Trish Williams said...

I love what you have done thus far. What type of fabric is she made of?

JSpringer said...

Venus, you are terrific. I am so enjoying watching your progress. You are an inspiration