Monday, February 5, 2007

She's coming to Life (cont'd)

I was able to get some more work done on AfriCoco's face this evening. She was all prepped and ready for painting. Here's what was done with her so far.

Here her eyes and mouth are prepped with gesso which I sanded lightly to accept the paint I will use. I find using gesso for the painted areas leaves a nicer and smoother finish than trying to do it directly on the cloth. It also allows very little use of paint to get a nice result. I do this for the larger areas such as the eyes and mouth. I use the gel pens and color pencils for the detailed work. Next, I painted the eyeball area with and antique white paint. It gives a more natural look. Who's eyes are actually stark white? Once that dried I painted in the iris and the mouth in a medium brown. I will let it dry overnight before I continue with the details. So this is what she looks like now. She's looking a little surprised don't you think? While she's drying for the next stage, I started picking out the accessories and fabric. Oh yeah! I almost forgot I did buy another piece of fabric I think she will look nice in but I'm going to keep that a surprise. I think you all are going to like it! I thought it was perfect when I saw it. Well, that's all for today folks. I can't spend as much time on her as I would like. I have to prepare for work tomorrow...Bummer! Be back soon

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Anonymous said...

awesome venus, cannot wait for the next installment