Friday, February 9, 2007

She's Coming Together

AfriCoco is coming along nicely. I've haven't done much with her the past couple of days. I had a dentist appointment the other day and needless to say I was a little out of it. But I'm back now and have began the finishing touches. Her head is attached now, so her body is complete. I have made her accessories from beads and shells. Her earrings were made from parts of some old jewelry of mine I wasn't using anymore. Her sandels are also finished. They were made from a product called model magic which is made by Crayola. It's an air drying modeling clay which doesn't dry as hard as paper clay. I thought it was perfect for her shoes. It is also paintable, so I painted them brown and added a sole by hot glueing a piece of leather to the bottom. I also hot glued a string to the shoes that will be wrapped around her ankles and tied.

Well, tomorrow's another day and the plan is to have her completed. I'm going to try my best so I want to get an early start. If I accomplish that, then I will possible have time to start on another for the auction. Remember.....the goal was to do at least two dolls for the auction. If I finish AfriCoco by tomorrow..... I think I just may be able to pull it off. We'll see!!!

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