Saturday, February 17, 2007

She's Almost Done

I had some time to work on Hibiscus today. I have her stuffed and all put together. She is a more "hefty" doll than AfriCoco, designed as a Caribbean market vendor. Here's what she looks like now. The fabric I chose is colorful as well as her accessories to reflect the flambouyant colors of the Caribbean. Her sandals were made from felt with a layer of buckram in between to make them a little stiffer than the felt. Embroidered trimming is used as the straps. Her jewelry is actual costume jewelry bought from a discount store. Her dress will be a kaftan made from the fabric in the photo as well as her headwrap. I will be making her clothes and deciding on her hair tomorrow. I will also have to make her seat; but that's another story. I will give the details on how I will make that when I come back. See you then!

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