Sunday, February 18, 2007

Hibiscus Is Dressed And Ready To Go

Today I completed Hibiscus which means I have accomplished my goal of king two dolls for the upcoming auction. As you see in her photo I chose a reddish brown yarn to use for her hair. I thought the contrast would be better than using just plain black or brown. I've decided to add a basket with flowers since she is suppose to be a street merchant. I also made her a little sitting stool for when she's working trying to sell her flowers. It was made from an oatmeal box which I covered with batting. I then covered it with fabric and added a cushion on top. You can see it in her sideview photo. It's been fun making these two ladies and I hope
they do well at the auction. As I said when making AfriCoco, I will keep you posted about the auction which is next Friday. I will take photos of whoever the highest bidder with their doll at the end of the auction. Well that's all for

now. I'll have to start thinking about what my next project will be!


Anonymous said...

Venus, I love your babies! The idea of using the oatmeal box is great. Sandi

Anonymous said...

Venus Love your name and both of your dolls and inginuity on making a seat from the oatmeal box and the making of the hat for the other doll is great. Keep up the great work and hope you do well selling your dolls. Love and Hugs Dianne Sahakian